Great news for seniors.  It is known how much pensions will increase in 2024

Time flows inexorably. This year has been valued recently. However, this is history. Perhaps no one from the elderly wonders what increase they can expect in the coming year. We have the answer to this question.

Index next year

Accurately calculating the exact amount is an almost impossible task at the moment, because there are still 5 fixed months until 2024. However, we have access to data that will allow us to calculate the amount of the pension with an accuracy of more than 90%.

According to government announcements, the valuation rate for 2024 is 12.3%.

They may be slightly higher or lower, but the differences are unlikely to be significant.

Indexing assumptions for 2024

– In the Council of Ministers, we adopted hypotheses to compare pensions and pensions for next year.

The index is expected to be at the level of 12.3%. Its full cost, including the 13th and 14th index pensions, will amount to more than PLN 43 billion.

– Minister Marlena Mallig announced recently.

This year’s increase, which occurred in March, was 14.8 percent.

An increase for the poorest pensioners

For pensioners who receive a minimum pension – a total of PLN 1,588.44 – an indexation of 12% means

A total increase of PLN 196.97


900+ on the horizon. The new addition is set to change the lives of seniors

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