Gott Elmaleh reveals his mispronunciation and all the clichs about Quebec for French television

The French Channel M6 “surpassed itself” by using all possible and imaginative clichs for Quebec culture (one of which is entirely fictional) for the benefit of this week’s cooking show. Best Pastry Chef.

For the event, God Elme presented the Quebec accent, his fur hat and his built-in shirt, presenting the week’s technical experiment: cutting wood and creating a cake that pays homage to Quebec’s culture. A dessert with the name “Checkered Sequoia”.

You know, Sequoia … this tree does not grow naturally anywhere in Quebec!

As a bonus, there is traditional music, beaver and original pictures, and you can hear the famous word church during the event.

Not to mention that many Quebecs have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, noting once again that the picture of Belle County reported on French television has not changed much since the 1950s.

(However, the dessert in question is delicious.)

Anyway, before stringing your tree and looking for your winter arrangements at the public store, you can watch the result in the video below.

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