March 28, 2023


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A culture of cancellation: Guy Nandel loses his identity

A culture of cancellation: Guy Nandel loses his identity

Although generally well-received, Guy Nadal’s latest show, Headline If I understand you correctly you mean…It was far from pleasing the newspaper’s critic Duty Christian Saint-Pierre, the comedian accepts, but asks him to show impartiality.

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That’s the message the comedian delivered on QUB Radio’s Sophie Durocher’s microphone. According to him, it is clear that the history to be published was pre-written.

Mr. Mind you, Nanthel has been called “racist, homophobic, sexist transpop, classist, and ageist” by critics. He vehemently denies the allegations. According to him, Mr. Saint-Pierre pretends not to understand.

“It is the spirit of the Taliban that refuses any form of entertainment. For them, the word to entertainThat means To divert from the good“, he said.

Guy Nandel is clear: for him, this column is a perfect example of a culture of cancellation. He admits that his character on the stage is stupid and vulgar, but he thinks it would be malicious not to understand that it is a work of art.

Mr. He strongly believes that the type of speech delivered by Saint-Pierre should be condemned, to prevent further spread of the phenomenon of censorship, which could cost our societies dearly.

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