Debbie Lynch-White walks in the compostella, hates it, leaves after 4 days, she is our idol

Debbie Lynch-White has been preparing for a beautiful trip for a year and a half and at the end of it, she can clear a dream from her long list of things to do on the way to Compostela.

However, four days later his journey was completely different.

Like the shootings of the series Another story Recently finished, the actress had some time on her agenda, so she flew to Spain to do Compostela. After several months of preparation, she did it alone on April 8th.

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But, a few days later, after taking place in open and dangerous conditions (i.e. in mountains and rocks), it became known to the general public. Unit 9 Deep down there, she realized she hated “walking compostela”. This dream was not really hers and she decided to give up.

“Whose dream is that?”

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Debbie jokingly explains that he hates his experience. She could not enjoy the cities where she was staying, so despite the good times and appointments, she realized that this kind of trip was not for her.

His Stories Instagram, who recently played the role of Caroline Another story Until very recently, these four days took time to document what happened along the glorious path, in all its beauty … and less beauty!

The initial plan was for Debbie’s wife Marina to come to Portugal and join him, by which time the actress would have completed her best journey. So, rather than go home, Debbie decided to stay in Europe and wait for him.

Also, the actress began her “new” journey to Barcelona, ​​where she was able to reunite with a friend and former colleague.Unit 9Olivier Barrett, who lives in the Spanish city.

So much adventure!

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