Credit holidays will be extended.  But borrowers need an optimistic tone

On Monday, Development and Technology Minister Waldemar Buda was asked on TVP whether credit holidays would be necessary if inflation falls next year. The current government has adopted this draft law. It extends loan holidays, but still needs to be passed by the newly elected House of Representatives. – They have a project ready, and it has been approved by the Council of Ministers. It just has to be passed in Parliament. He said this should take effect in January.

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Buda estimated that home loan payments are currently on average 2.5 times higher than what borrowers received when signing the loan agreement. He pointed out that lower inflation does not immediately lead to lower loan installments. – It has been postponed. He explained that the high premiums will remain high throughout 2024 because the interest rate cut in December, for example this year, will have an impact on 6 million loans (WIBOR 6M – ed.) only in the second half of 2024 and only at a minimum.

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