Xbox Game Pass experienced a massive increase in the number of customers?  Strauss Zelnick confirmed the number of users

Microsoft hasn’t released official data on Xbox Game Pass customers for a long time, but Strauss Zelnick may have accidentally revealed the details. Take-Two CEO confirmed the number during a live interview with Phil Spencer.

Xbox Game Pass systematically introduces new products to gamers, and Microsoft adds to the library not only all Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games, but is constantly adding new items from third-party teams to the catalog.

Microsoft recently did not provide details about the number of Xbox Game Pass customers, but Strauss Zelnick revealed the information – CEO of Take-Two was a guest on TheGrill 2021 by The Wrap’s editorial team and during the discussion there was a conversation about the US company’s services.

Take-Two CEO said that Xbox Game Pass ma “About 30 million subscribers”. This is interesting because Phil Spencer also participated in the conversation and replied: “The last public result we reported was 18 million.”.

The head of the Xbox brand did not deny and only laughed at the news that had been revealed, added Strauss Zelnick, who wanted to come out with his face, It’s more than 18 million.. Even the journalist The Wrap was not prepared for this news and commented on the situation with the following words: “It’s a really big number.”.

30 million users is a really gigantic result, which will certainly provide Microsoft with money to buy new games, and the company does not complain about a lack of funding to take on new studies.

It is worth remembering that XGame Pass box received a new (lower) price in the first marketsin addition to The service will be expanded with Marvel’s Avengers tomorrow.


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