The Last of Us Part 1 – Review and opinions about the game [PC]

The Last of Us Part I is definitely one of the best, most immersive, and most polished games in the history of our industry. Of course when we mean the console version. Originally released in 2013 on PlayStation 3, it got a solid remake on PS5, only to land on PC a few months later. In this text, I will focus only on the technical aspects, showing how it works and which version is for Warcraft offerings. The rating, which you will find at the bottom, applies only to the quality of the diversion and is in no way related to the gameplay, story, atmosphere or general rating of the game itself.

If you want to read our full review of this title, I refer you to Wojtek Text, who played the PS5 version. I’ve been testing TLOU1 on PC since its release (March 28th) and although not much time has passed, the developers have already released several important updates that completely changed the way this title works. I play on a very powerful computer, but believe me, the number of small cuts and stutters on the first day was much higher than any acceptable standards. I’m using an X-Kom PC’s G4M3R in Elite edition which consists of an Intel Core i9-13900K (overclocked to 6.0GHz), 64GB of RAM, a GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, and a 4K monitor from Iiyama. I hoped that with support for DLSS 2 in quality mode (unfortunately, TLOU1 does not support the third version of this technology) I would be able to achieve at least 100 frames per second in 4K. Fortunately, it’s better.

The Last of Us Part I for PC sets new standards when it comes to graphics quality

I came across many opinions on the Internet, how some people waited for several tens of minutes to cache the “notorious” shaders at the very beginning. On the aforementioned computer, it took exactly 9 minutes. I must admit that from the very first seconds after starting this game at the maximum image quality settings, my jaw went to the floor. I haven’t seen so many details on PC yet and I still think the best games on PC come from Sony’s in-house studios, CDP Games and Rockstar Originals with Red Dead Redemption 2. The first part of The Last of Us looks absolutely exceptional. All reflections and light reflections are a new quality, as are the character models, facial expressions, animations or the emotions they express in a very natural way. Below you will find a gallery of images with all graphical settings, as well as access and control options implemented in this version of the game. The number of sliders is huge and in fact you can adjust TLOU according to our hardware specs.

On the aforementioned computer using DLSS 2 in 4K quality mode there are an average of around 120 frames with occasional dips to around 95-100 (after recent updates). For the first three hours of playing, I cut a long clip that lasted a few seconds and small cuts that were very rare. However, the latest patch allowed to get rid of them completely, and the game works much better. This can be seen from the ever-increasing percentage of ratings on Steam. Below you will find a photo gallery, which unfortunately does not reflect what you see on the display screen. The PC version supports 3D audio and the DualSense controller supports a full suite of adaptive triggers and vibrations (but only when connected with a USB cable). It also has a number of additional accessibility settings for people with disabilities and excellent keyboard and mouse support. Aiming at the “lemmings” is now very accurate and comfortable, and the following headshots are very nice. With such a high level of brutality and the same quality of animation, I can say that these subsequent killings are nice to watch – although they did not look strange.

The first part of The Last of Us will be a great port of a great game. The creators just have to deal with the technicalities, but given how much progress they’ve made in the 10 days of premiere, I’m convinced the coming months will bring big improvements. Unfortunately, TLOU1 is still not playable on the Steam Deck, running at 720p with minimal detail, around 21 FPS, rarely going up to 30. Not to mention that at such quality it has nothing to do with laid-back fun, and the picture quality is Really disgusting. The game costs 259 PLN on Steam and if you’ve played the PS5 version before, there’s no point in buying the game on PC (if you expect any rewards). There is nothing new in the gameplay itself, there are no significant changes in the gameplay (except for mouse support, which basically changes a lot). However, if you’ve never touched The Last of Us, I highly recommend it, because it’s one of those games you just can’t pass by indifferently. The atmosphere, the plot, the characters, the concept of the world and the plot twists are very pleasing, and the title also boasts ultra-fine animation, a huge dose of different emotions, and a number of breathtaking scenery. Mods are also a big plus for the PC version (but only for volunteers). You’ll also find an extensive photo mode, support for ultra-wide screens (even in 32:9 aspect ratio!) and even a permanent mode, which means when you die, it’s game over.

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