Germany.  The "anti-vaccine activator" can "vaccinate" more than 8 thousand with saline.  Persons

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Nidzelsky: We’re looking at the regionalization of restrictions. The level of vaccination will be critical

According to the newspaper, “a scandal is spreading about a nurse who was supposed to replace a vaccine in Schwartens, in the state of Lower Saxony, in April. Serum Against the Corona virus on a saline solution.” – According to the police I Prosecutor’s Office The head of the coronavirus crisis team in Lower Saxony, Heiger Schulz in Hanover, said there were clear indications that the woman had vaccinated more people with saline.

“To date, only six cases have been identified in which patients did not receive the correct vaccine. However, according to the province of Friesian on Tuesday, as many as 8,557 people may have received a female injection at the vaccination site in Roffhausen between March 5 and April 20” – he writes De Welt”.

“The truth is that we don’t know how many of them are unvaccinated or have only been partially vaccinated. (…) Unfortunately, the woman does not cooperate with the police, they are silent – explained Schulz.

People over 12 years old will be vaccinated with Moderny

It can be “infused” with a saline solution of more than eight thousand. Persons

To date, it was known that in six cases the nurse had to replace the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines with medically harmless saline. As a reason, she stated that she broke the ampoule with the vaccine, and out of shame, she initially did not want to report this to the head of the vaccination center. “Her testimony was not true,” Schultz said.

County Governor Sven Ambrosi wrote in a press release:factOur need to make this appeal is deeply concerning to me, because many of our citizens may not now have the protection from coronavirus that they want and are entitled to. Therefore, it is now important for us to inform these people, answer their questions, and provide more vaccinations. Therefore, I ask all citizens to contact us in case they receive a vaccination during that period.”

About 8,500 people were offered a booster vaccination.

Children back to school after lockdownChildren return to school. ‘The introduction of hybrid sciences can be expected’

From Berlin Berenika Lemańczyk / PAP

Coronavirus: updated information and recommendations about

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