Russia and Ukraine war.  The Russian column was destroyed.  Ukrainian forces received a chat message about it

The Russian “Ukrinform” agency reported that the Russian military column was destroyed in the Kyiv region thanks to the information received in a private official conversation entitled “Stop the Russian war.” The Ukrainian Security Service published a photo of the destroyed military vehicles.

The Ukrainian Security Service wrote on Facebook: “News about the movement of the enemy on the official chat @stop_russian_war_bot makes new gains every day.”

Reportedly, they received the coordinates of enemy equipment marked “V” in the Kyiv region. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine >>>

Confirmed and attacked

The signal was checked and transferred to the army. We read “The result is a picture: a fiery salute to the occupiers.”

At the same time, the Ukrainian Security Service invited people in Ukraine to send signals to the official “Stop the Russian War” chatbox on cable About the observed vehicles of the Russian army.

“Please submit your data in a clear and organized manner with accurate time and geographical location,” they wrote.

As confirmed, all of these signals will be tested and reported to the military.

How do you help Ukraine? List of charitable groups and events >>>

Russia’s attack on Ukraine – watch the special program on TVN24:

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