Donald Trump has a new job.  He sells golden shoes

Donald Trump started selling shoes. He offered his customers golden sneakers. Despite the high price and Saturday's presentation, all pairs have already been sold out.

The court ordered on Friday Donald Trump Payment is over 350 million dollars It imposed restrictions on parts of his future activities. The case concerns allegations of making false statements about the financial benefits obtained.

According to the court, Trump Providing false financial statements to lenders. This was to help him obtain more loans and thus expand the chain of hotels and golf resorts.

The former US president announced that he would appeal the ruling. The next day – Saturday, he participated in the Sneaker Con event in Philadelphia. There, his shoe and perfume company introduced a new model of sports shoes (athletic shoes). Gold colored shoes Priced at $399that is, about 1,600 Polish zlotys.

Is Donald Trump selling shoes because he lost the trial?

“Trump launched a line of sneakers on Saturday, a day after a judge ordered him and his companies to pay nearly $355 million,” CNN reported.

See: United States of America. The court imposed a penalty on Donald Trump. The former president must pay more than $350 million

It is currently difficult to link these two events. First of all, the shoes had to be prepared long before the ruling. But above all, the sale of even relatively expensive shoes cannot cover even a small part of the burden imposed by the court on Trump.

New shoe line – according to information on the seller's website – only 1000 pairs already sold. Trump was scheduled to sign 10 of them in person. There was a limit of three pairs per customer during the sale.

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