Generation X in College People over the age of 40 are often candidates for studies in psychology and law!

Psychology or re-industry after education?

Education and psychology are closely related because they relate to human behavior, development, and cognitive processes. People with pedagogical education often have basic knowledge of psychology, which is an indispensable component of their studies. Switching to psychology after pedagogy is therefore a natural step for many who wish to deepen their knowledge and specialize in more specific areas of human psychology. These people often use the institution to transfer their existing achievements, which allows them to complete a comprehensive 5-year education course in a shorter time. People with teaching certificates who have certificates issued no more than 20 years ago can count on completing the course in up to 3 years. Naturally, this form of grade transfer is compatible with the Bologna Convention regarding the scope of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation (ECTS).

Law isn’t just for this year’s high school graduates

The trend of Generation X joining law schools is becoming more pronounced and has many advantages. Universities must adapt their curricula and resources to meet the unique needs and values ​​of these students. One thing is certain: age is no longer a barrier to pursuing higher education, and Generation X is proof that learning is a lifelong process.

Here, similar to pedagogy, the trend towards re-industry develops, which shows that people with professional experience are excellent candidates for studies in this demanding field. It should also be remembered that these people often choose to study part-time or study online at RealTime.

Why does law or psychology attract people over 40?

The field of law, because of its universality and wide range of career opportunities, has become attractive to many Generation X people. For many of them, this represents an opportunity to obtain an education that was previously out of their reach or simply not a priority. . In addition, life experiences and the ability to think critically, which are often characteristic of people of this generation, may be an advantage when studying law.

Psychology is currently a natural complement to students’ interests after so-called transfers. This is often due to burnout as a teacher and a desire to change to another profession without having to study full time.

Benefits of going to university at a later age

Contrary to popular belief, age can be an advantage. People of Generation X often bring with them extensive professional, life, and personal experience. These competencies may translate into the ability to better understand complex legal, ethical, and social issues. In addition, their maturity and ability to learn independently often allows them to learn material more effectively and participate in class discussions.

Experience that matters

WSB-NLU has over 30 years of experience in student and postgraduate education. It’s not just about learning, but also about practice, events, conferences and workshops with experts. Currently, more than 25,000 postgraduate students have left the university.

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