The data from the Juno probe is irreplaceable.  Scientists have created something extraordinary from them

JunoCam It is a visible light camera installed On board the Juno probethat has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016. The instrument has been proven more than once Capable of providing valuable scientific data in the form of captured photographs Perspective not yet available.

during the event Europlanet Science Conference 2022On September 21, a new approach to this data was presented. managed to Create a 3D animation of them showing the tops of Jupiter’s clouds. Presented by programmer Gerald Eichstadt.

probe Juno allows us to observe Jupiter in a way that was not available to us before. with her help Scientists can track the same clouds from different angles. This is due to the constant movement of the probe.

This made him irreplaceable Opportunity to get 3D models of cloud tops on Jupiter. to generate them Uses include how sunlight is reflected and scattered by clouds on Jupiter, before methane is absorbed into the deepest atmosphere.

This was evident in very high clouds, which made it possible to measure their size.

Understand what it produces The height of the columns observed inside Jupiter’s vorticeswill help scientists discover the elements responsible for its formation.

Theoretical models suggest that clouds should be composed of different chemical compounds such as Ammonia, ammonium disulfide and water ice.

After calibrating your existing data with other measurements of the same cloud tops, you will succeed Improve theoretical predictions and get a better 3D picture of chemical composition.

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