Parents see it in their children.  Kindergarten chemicals are to blame - O2

Alarming allergic reactions and dermatitis are observed by parents of children attending various institutions in Świdnik. They turned to city councilor Marcin Magier with the problem, who decided to intervene.

Parents explain that the skin of children in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe arms, legs and mouth is red, cracked and dry, and painful wounds appear on the skin – Magyer told “Dzenik and Chudney”.

Kindergarten children suffer from skin problems

Parents note that the situation has been going on for several weeks, and in their opinion, the chemicals used in the institutions are to blame. Some believe that the problem lies in soaps and disinfectants, while others believe that washing agents are harmful, which explains, among other things, the marks on the legs.

The case went to the mayor

The council member wrote to the mayor of Odnik on the matter. Maguire appeals to city authorities to immediately monitor the chemicals used and to identify and eliminate the cause of children’s skin reactions.


Monica Gowaca of the city mayor’s office reported in an interview with “DW” that the problem was known to them before the council’s questioning.. A number of parents of the children of Kindergarten Complex No. 2 informed the Head of the Education Department of this situation.

School Principal: Inaccurate hand washing error and low temperature

According to Gowaka, the facility manager was alerted and was due to fix the problem. He allegedly explained that the blackening of the hands of his pupils resulted from frequent hand washing and inaccurate wiping, and was related to the low temperature outside.


But the representative of the office denies that similar references were received from kindergartens or other nurseries. It ensures that the agents used in establishments are “approved, approved for use, and often hypoallergenic.” However, the Sanitary Inspection Department ordered the examination of these substances.

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