Gazprom scares Europe.  Announces huge increases in gas prices in the winter

after the invasion Russia to Ukraine Germany The certification process for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was suspended in July Gazprom Gas transportation through limited Nord Stream 1He explained that he could not guarantee the safe operation of one of the critical elements of the gas pipeline. From July 27, the gas pipeline has only 20 percent. Bandwidth. as part of Penalties Russia has also been banned Gas. All this made the situation for Gazprom not the best.

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Zandberg: Our wallets’ money can’t be funded by bombs falling on the heads of Ukrainian civilians

Gazprom has significantly reduced exports and production

Reuters reportsThis is the total exports Gas By Gazprom to countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States increased by 36.2 percent. to 78.5 billion cubic meters from January 1 to August 15, and production decreased by 13.2 percent. 274.8 billion cubic meters compared to last year’s data. In July alone, exports fell 59 percent. compared to 2021.

energy crisis So the Russian concern is also affected. In the estimates for Europe presented on Tuesday, an interest rate hike was announced the prices gas in winter. Prices will increase by 60 percent.

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Gazprom announced significant increases

Spot gas prices in Europe It has now reached $2,500. 1,000 m3 A conservative estimate is that if this price trend continues, prices will exceed $ 4,000 this winter. 1000 cubic meters ”- we read in an announcement on Tuesday by Gazprom.

Wojciech Jakóbik, a journalist at, explains that Gazprom is consciously affecting the market and gas prices are rising. Nord Stream 1 turbines are dusty in Germany. Russians They haven’t taken it yet, although Berlin brought it in from Canada, having previously imposed a suspension of some sanctions for attacking Ukraine. In the meantime, Gazprom continues to reduce supply, pushing the price of gas above the level it was at the beginning of the invasion. ”

gas in Europe. Germany may have a problem

The embargo on Russian gas has prompted the whole of Europe to check its depots. The Polish government confirms that our gas reserves are full. The problem is that even though Poland’s gas storage facilities are over 99 percent full. This does not mean that we have a large stock of raw materials. Our warehouse capacity is just over 3 billion cubic meters, while we use about 20 billion cubic meters annually. Gas.

However, Germany is in a worse situation. It should reduce gas consumption by 20%. in another place incident In the winter, they will enter the final stage of the contingency plan, which assumes that the German Federal Network Agency will decide who will be able to use the gas. First in line are households and institutions of systemic importance.

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