Another delay in the construction of the Jaśkowa Dolina reservoir.  30 trees required

about height Jaśkowa Dolina احتجاز holding tank 30 trees will be cut down soon. Their removal is necessary for additional reinforcement of the slope from the street side. In turn, 122 trees will be planted, the vast majority of which are located within Al. Armii Krajowej (WZ roads) Near the intersection with the Tricity Beltwaya map.

The construction of the Jaśkowa Dolina Reservoir at the base of the Boy Scouts camp is proceeding smoothly. Originally, the investment was scheduled to be completed in November last year. They also reported in July of this year. Representatives of the Gdansk City Development Directorate, The reason for the long delay is the rise in the groundwater level.

Now another obstacle has appeared – the organization of business within the scope of business in the neighboring Mujahideen. Jaśkowa Dolina, which is planned, among other things, a new rainwater sewage system. These works can be carried out with complete closure of street traffic or provide a bike lane and sidewalk for the purposes of vehicular traffic.

Reinforcing the slope and rebuilding the infrastructure under the street

– The complete closure of the street will paralyze communications in this part of the city. Therefore, after a thorough analysis of this issue, a decision was made to run traffic directly into the tank, on the bicycle path. However, the analysis of the “stability” of the slope of the course and pavement slope showed that the first step was to strengthen its structure using the piling method. However, in order to be able to start and carry out the foundation work correctly, and to make a covering of reinforced concrete, it is necessary to cut down trees in this place in advance – he explains Anita Nezgoda From the Social Communications Office of the Gdansk City Development Directorate.
Slope weakness is also affected by the high groundwater level mentioned above, which in turn has so far resulted in a complete suspension of construction work until changes are made to the design documents.

30 trees are cut down, against 122 new trees

In total, 30 trees have been identified for logging, which – officials say – are largely self-seeding, damaged and broken. Seven of them, due to their size, do not require a logging permit, and a positive decision has already been issued for the remaining 23. In addition, a felling fee of 22,560 PLN was charged for the removal of eight trees.

As part of the so-called alternative plantings of 122 trees are provided:

Two weeks are scheduled from the conclusion of the contract with the contractor for the removal of trees. The replacements will be carried out in a separate procedure, which DRMG intends to announce next year.

After the plots are completed, it will be possible to start works by strengthening the slopes, and then rebuild the underground infrastructure under ul. Jakova Dolina.

The currently assumed completion date for the construction of the storage tank is the third quarter of 2023.

Officials wanted to protect the trees, but they were cut down.  New buildings in StogeOfficials wanted to protect the trees, but they were cut down. New buildings in Stoge

Construction of the Jaśkowa Dolina Reservoir in July 2022.

Construction of the Jaśkowa Dolina Reservoir in November 2021.

Construction of the Jaśkowa Dolina Reservoir begins in January 2021.

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