"Very acute events" on the front.  The interview is undoubtedly - O2

Andrei Yusov, representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, does not suspect that serious clashes will occur on the front in the near future. The interview had warned before August and September that the months of intensifying fighting would be very important.

Ukrainian intelligence announces heavy fighting on the front

Very severe events will occur across the front in the near future. It’s not just about being associated with certain dates – there’s a lot of talk now about Independence Day. Although, of course, this factor should be taken into account – Yusov said on Ukrainian public television, citing “Ukrainian Pravda”.

At the moment, Putin’s plans as a person who “madly hates Ukraine” have not changed, but Russia is far from achieving these goals. So says Andrei Yusuf. The HUR representative added that active combat is taking place almost on the entire front line.

Yusuf also said that there is still widespread mobilization in Russia. People have nothing to say about it, and protests don’t work. Citizens of occupied republics are in the worst condition.

People are trying to resist silently. Companies are literally hiding skilled workers they can’t work without. Mothers bury their children and husbands, knowing they will face certain death in Putin’s war with Ukraine. However, Putin’s occupation machine is working, and people are forcibly arrested and even detained at intersections, pulled from their cars, Yusuf says.

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