Elden Ring Premiere - Crazy Steam Results & Big Technical Issues
February 25 2022, 08:51

The Elden Ring premiere was not entirely successful. On the PC, the game achieves insanely impressive activity results, but players often complain about the level of performance.

First appeared on the market elden ringRPG from FromSoftware. The game was simultaneously released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. The title presents a cinema site, that is, with Polish subtitles.

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First Conclusions From Elden Ring’s Steam Debut – Crazy Activity Results, Mixed Reviews

Elden Ring breaks the Steam Bank

Current activity log elden ring on Steam is 764835 People are having fun at the same time. This result is several times higher than in the case of FromSoftware’s largest studio results to date, i.e. Dark Souls III (129975 players playing simultaneously) and Sekiro: Shadows die twice (125,315). Moreover, the group’s latest act broke the records of its predecessors only in A few minutes after the first show.

Most importantly, before the end of this week elden ring It is almost certain that he will improve this record many times over. Most games get the best results in the first weekend after the premiere. We wonder if production will be able to break the achievements of such blows new world (913634) if Cyberpunk 2077 movie (1 054388).

Mixed game reception on Steam

The fact that the players flock to it elden ring It does not mean that everyone is satisfied with the quality of the game. On Steam, only 59% of user reviews are positiveWhich the site classifies as a “mixed reception” of the production.

Players mainly complain about:

  1. terrible improvement – the game is supposed to be trimmed even on powerful computers, which not only spoils the visual experience, but also makes the gameplay very difficult, because the combat requires high accuracy,
  2. No support for DLSS and ultra-fast screens,
  3. Frequent crashes of the game.

So practically all complaints are related to the technical class. Other elements of the game, such as the atmosphere, world exploration and combat, cause universal delight. The problem is that many players cannot enjoy these advantages because elden ring It hardly works on their computer.

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