Cut out the ghost of Tsushima exit.  Analysis of improvements made to PlayStation 5

Sucker Punch has been working on Ghost of Tsushima for many years, thanks to which a studio known primarily for Sly or inFamous adventures has jumped to a higher level of skill. Now the team has had the chance to showcase the game’s version on PlayStation 5.

Sony is celebrating yesterday’s premiere of an improved version of the hit hit from 12 months ago, Ghost of Tsushima, which somehow bid farewell to PlayStation 4. And with the extra work put into its title, the Sucker Punch team can tell us another story and say hi to PlayStation 5

As always, the Next Generation Update was a good opportunity to see what developers have learned over the past year and how they have used the capabilities of the new hardware, which was vetted by the editors of the Digital Foundry. Except for the new content of course You can read the review on our websiteIn the Enhanced version, there was room for 60fps stabilization, slightly better textures for some objects, as well as native 4K resolution.

Unfortunately, apart from that, the developers haven’t changed much. Pre-rendered scenes have been replaced with real-time cut scenes, and SSD capabilities have made the longest load times in less than 4 seconds! Besides, you will not encounter new rendering methods, additional effects, or unique ray tracing features.

Seize this opportunity, we also invite you to check out the guide dedicated to the new guide Iki Extra Island.

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