Galaxy S22 slows down in gaming performance.  Samsung will change that soon

As soon as news of the problem appears, Android Police done Experiment – Experiment. Geekbench & hairsp app modified; – & hairsp; Smartphone & hairsp performance test To make the Galaxy S22+ see it as a Genshin Impact. When the phone “thought” it was launching the game, the recording of one core was reduced by 45 percent, and all cores by 28 percent.

The pre-installed service is responsible for regulating performance in games Game improvement servicewhose algorithms seem quite complex and take into account factors such as device temperature, battery level, and target frame rate. The clock speed drop was also observed on older Samsung phones (including the Galaxy Fold 3), but to a lesser extent.

A list of 10,000 apps with reduced performance is circulating on the web, which includes not only games but also utility apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Netflix and Microsoft Office. However, its authenticity cannot be verified, and only Samsung itself admits to regulating timing in games.

I didn’t notice that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reduces app performance

I looked in the system settings in the test copy, in which I found information that the Game Optimizing Service app has only been active in the background for 5 minutes over the last 7 days. I wasn’t playing any games at the time, but the smartphone itself was being used very intensively for several hours a day.

So far, we have no evidence that Samsung smartphones continue to reduce computing power anywhere except for specific games.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S22’s performance will soon be able to tweak it itself

In a statement to the media, the Korean giant looking atThe goal of the GOS app is to provide games “excellent performance while effectively managing device temperature”. At the same time, Samsung confirmed that the app “does not manage the performance of non-game apps.”

The company also added that after seeing user reviews that have reached the network in recent days, work has begun on a software update that will allow you to manually control the performance of the game. However, there was not even an indicative date for the patch to appear.

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