Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, praises Valve's Steam Deck
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August 14, 2021, 12:05 pm

After testing the Steam Deck, Xbox Brand Head Phil Spencer will praise the device. This coincided with the premiere of the first advertisement for the devices.

Quick overview

  1. Phil Spencer, head of games at Microsoft, praised the new device from Valve.
  2. According to him, Steam Deck will be very good to play Hello And age of empires.
  3. The Xbox brand boss’ tweet coincides with the premiere of the device’s first announcement.

Steam Deck is definitely something to watch out for. This statement appears to have been confirmed by the head of the Xbox brand. After visiting Valve headquarters, Phil Spencer was given his console for testing most days of the week. In his tweet, he will express a very interesting opinion about the new devices from the Steam owner.

Phil Spencer thinks Steam Deck is a great piece of equipment. The Head of the Xbox Brand had the opportunity to test Hello And age of empires on the new console. He praises the screen and consoles, and mentions that Xbox’s cloud gaming service, xCloud, works just fine.

This should be emphasized in a recent interview with the site GamesRadar + Phil Spencer will not rule out cooperation with closed platforms (such as the Nintendo Switch and PS5)As long as it’s the full Xbox app experience. It turns out that close cooperation with Valve companies, which have a more open policy regarding the console, is not impossible.

Steam Deck tweet coincides with the premiere of the device’s first announcement on YouTube. The video lasts for minutes and shows all the most important features of the device.

This isn’t the first time Phil Spencer has expressed his enthusiasm for competing hardware. Recently Will compliment PS5’s DualSense And I do not hide that in the future some solutions from Sony for the Xbox console may be implemented.

Steam Deck seems to be gaining more and more popularity. Proceeding from the amount fellowThe valve was a huge success.

  1. Steam Deck will not improve performance in desktop mode
  2. Steam Deck is a complete PC – portable only – press presentation experience
  3. Steam Deck is in great demand
  4. Steam Deck Official Site
  5. Steam Deck on Steam

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