June 3, 2023


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Dead Island 2 premiere may be closer than we think

Dead Island 2 premiere may be closer than we think

Since a week we wrote About Affirmations deep silver (Game Publishers) that the title is still under development. This news was previously verified by well-known detective Tom Henderson, who also shared some details about the sequel’s introduction.

today the offer The financial results of the Embracer Group (the company to which Deep Silver belongs) shed some light on the possible release date of the sequel death island (01:52:45). During the question-and-answer session, the question was asked when we can expect the game to be released:

Oscar Ericsson, Internal Capital Research Analyst Carnegie: Personally, I’m expecting to launch this fiscal year or — sorry, should I say next fiscal year. Is this sound thinking and what can we expect from a title that may have been in production for 10 years?

Lars Wingfors, CEO, Embracer Group: I can’t talk about Dead Island 2 because the game as such has not been announced by the publisher. But we just talked about getting one unannounced AAA title [Tu nastąpiła krótka chwila przerwy – dop. red.]Which you think is Dead Island 2. So it’s hard for me to make more comments [dodał Wingefors z uśmiechem na ustach – dop. red.].

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