A big problem with Apple Vision Pro glasses.  Manufacturing defect?  Crack-gate invades forums with malicious users

Apple Vision Pro is the latest device from Apple that aims to provide users with amazing experiences in augmented reality – AR, VR and MR. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to the manufacturer's wishes, as some users reported their expensive devices cracking in the middle of the external display. What's worse is that Apple doesn't always agree to replace damaged units for free, and it's worth noting that the glasses cost up to $3,500.

There are several photos and reports on Reddit from Apple Vision Pro owners who noticed cracks in their devices. Some people reported that cracks appeared after a few hours of use, or even while charging in a travel bag. Users say they took care of their devices and used them normally.

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Crackgate is real
byu/pssomers13 inVisionPro

There are different theories on r/Vision Pro as to what causes the cracks. One is that the device does not go into sleep mode properly when plugged in to charge, causing excessive heating and expansion of the material. Andnna suggests the problem is the aluminum frame structure, which can bend under the tension of the belts. Another suggests the possibility Glass is exposed to significant temperature changes.

Apple did not officially comment on the issue of cracks, nor did it mention whether it planned to implement a repair plan or issue instructions on how to prevent them. Could glasses have a design flaw? There are many indicators of this. Furthermore, many users who did not have AppleCare+ had to pay $799 to replace the cracked glass.

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