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Epi-Centrum Nauki will celebrate its third birthday this weekend. On this occasion, many scientific milestones were prepared.

Image: Epi-Science Center

The Epi-Centrum Nauki in Białystok is the largest science dissemination center in northeastern Poland. On the occasion of her third birthday, she prepared an extraordinary festival of experiences. The event will last for two days (2-3.09). It is aimed at children, teens and their caregivers who value creative time and great fun.

What will we find in the festival program?

We have the opportunity to see unusual exhibitions in the company of educators, participate in animation, games and activities. Several workshops on various topics have also been prepared.

The first proposal is sensory workshops – slime, squishy, ​​slime for the little ones, between the ages of 4 and 10, where participants will be able to make their own plastic block of different colors and textures. This is a great opportunity to learn about and experiment with the properties of materials available in every kitchen.

The next workshop is for slightly older participants (10-16 years old) and is about 3D printing. Participants will learn the secrets of technology that allows you to transfer a digital model to 3D format. In the end, each participant will be able to create their own project using a 3D pen.

For lovers of the world of insects, a microscopic lesson “Where does the topiary beetle go at night” has been prepared. The workshops for children between the ages of 10 and 16 will be a source of knowledge about the small and big world that surrounds us on every side. Participants will take part in microscopic observations of small insects and learn many interesting facts about them.

The last proposal is a molecular gastronomy workshop aimed at the same age group. Participants will learn the laws of physics and chemistry that can be applied in an experimental kitchen. During the classes, under the supervision of scientists, experiments will be carried out on what binds bananas and coffee beans, we will find out what vitamins are, and why artificial dyes can be harmful to health. Understand the operation of a microwave oven and juicer. Make molecular gummies, check the pH of food, and see the effective effect of liquid nitrogen on chocolate and other products.

All workshops are paid, and tickets purchased for them allow you to visit the main exhibition and take part in one of the board games or cartoons.

More information and registration details: Festival of Experiences

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