United Kingdom: Major delays at airports.  due to technical problems

On Monday, air travelers across Europe faced delays. The reason was a “technical problem” in the British air traffic control system. Many travelers are stuck in airports desperate for the latest information. Even after the morning bug was fixed, the situation remained a mess. It is estimated that around 80% of flights from the UK are delayed and 500 flights have been cancelled.

On Monday afternoon, the UK’s National Air Traffic Service (NATS) issued a statement saying: “A technical issue affecting the flight planning system has been identified and resolved.”

“We are currently working closely with airlines and airports to manage flights as efficiently as possible. Our engineers will closely monitor system operation when we return to normal operations,” the statement read.

A “technical problem” caused the delay. Services statement.

Previously, NATS urged passengers to check information directly with airlines and said engineers were “working hard to find and fix the problem”. “Flight plans had to be processed manually, hence the need to implement traffic flow restrictions,” the statement said.

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“Our priority is to ensure the safety of every flight within the UK and we deeply apologize for the disruption this has caused. Please contact your airline for information on the impact of this situation on your journey,” the NATS appealed.

Pictures of people waiting at airports and departure halls appeared on social media, showing canceled flights.

Problems at British airports can last up to a week

A spokesman for one of Europe’s busiest airports, London Heathrow, said: “The outage is likely to affect the schedules of all UK airports.”

Some British ports reported “some delays” but indicated that “this is not a serious problem”. But other airports have reported “significant delays”.

British media reported that experts estimated the disruption to flights could last up to a week. The UK canceled 500 flights on one of its busiest weekends this year and 80% of them are still delayed.


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