NASA has revealed the possible landing sites for humans on the moon

NASA organized a special video conference in which scientists revealed 9 perfectly suited regions for the first time in the 21st century People are landing on the Silver Globe. The return to the natural satellite of our planet will take place in 2025 as part of the Artemis III mission. The astronauts will be delivered to body orbit aboard the Orion rocket capsule Lauch space system (SLS) And then they’ll go to the ship Starship from SpaceX and it will land on the surface.

In recent years, astronomers have carefully analyzed the data obtained by space probes in order to select potential candidates for the most suitable places. First of all, it was for scientific and research purposes, but not without importance also the continued ability to communicate with the Earth, reduce radiation, access water ice or pits where you can Take cover from extreme temperatures.

– Choosing these areas means we are a big one A step closer to returning humans to the moonFor the first time since the Apollo program, Mark Kerasich, associate director of NASA’s Artemis campaign development division, said in a statement. When we do, it won’t be like any previous mission, as astronauts venture into “dark spots” that humans have not explored before, thus laying the groundwork for future long-range missions.

The specific areas are: Faustini Rim A crater, Peak near Shackleton CraterConnecting Ridge, the Connecting Ridge extension, two areas on the Gerlache crater rim, de Gerlache-Kocher Massif, Haworth, Malapert Massif, Leibnitz Beta Plateau and two areas on the Nobile crater rim and Amundsen rim.

All selected places are concentrated Near the south pole of the moon. This news was not surprising, as scientists have been referring to this area for some time due to the presence of craters and water ice that it contains. It is an essential component of colonization, as it will be able to obtain not only water, but also oxygen and fuel to power vehicles.

NASA does not hide that the south pole region of the moon also has an exploratory dimension. Engineers want to test all kinds of mining vehicles that will be used to extract valuable resources. In the future Factories will be built on the Silver Globe To build colonization facilities and rockets with missions, for example to Mars.

Meanwhile, on August 29, NASA announced its maiden flight space launch system missiles. During the Artemis I mission, the rocket will launch an unmanned Orion capsule into space and send it on a flight around the Moon. Then the capsule lands in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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