KRRiT dentures blades back on TVN7?  The license may be revoked.  Council member pointing to paragraph

WarnerMedia and Disovery, a US company that includes, among other things, TVN24 and TVN7 stations confirmed the merger on Monday. It’s been nearly a year since the focus was announced, so it’s no surprise. However, it turns out that it can have disastrous consequences for polishing media market.

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TVN7 will lose its concessions? “Can”

The merger could become an excuse to withdraw the TVN7 license. It sure is already that day KRRiT The terminal mode will be considered again. Immediately after the official announcement of the upcoming merger, the National Broadcasting Council announced that it would take steps to thoroughly examine the impact of this transaction on the Polish media market. Such an analysis will be carried out by the authority – explains Theresa Bryczynska, a spokeswoman for the National Broadcasting Council, in an interview with

a. Janusz Kauki, the only council member who voted against the license extension in February of this year, already cites the relevant paragraphs. – The situation may be appropriate to those described, for example, in Art. 38 seconds 2 points 4 – Explanation adapted from Virtual Media. In accordance with this provision, the license may be revoked. One of the reasons could be “another person who directly or indirectly controls the broadcaster’s activities”.

Officially, however, the owner of TVN7 has not yet announced the merger, so the official device has not yet started. It is also too early to say unequivocally whether and when the National Broadcasting Council’s actions will end with license revocation.

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TVN I waited a year to make a decision

In mid-February, the National Broadcasting Council extended the terrestrial broadcasting license for TVN7. Application On this issue was filed over a year ago.

The decision was made by the National Broadcasting Council, but that doesn’t mean she was “happy.” – The spokeswoman reported that Andrei Sapatovsky voted in favor of extending the license. – He still has mixed feelings, Brykczyńska said. Janush Kawecki, who is associated with the environment, was against it Tadeusz Redzekauthor of programs on “Telewizja Trwam” and “Radio Maryja”.

The first men issued a statement to the Polish news agency. It resulted from the consultations and talks that took place last day, particularly related to the current international situation Despite important legal reservations, Which undoubtedly needs to be arranged, and that I changed my position on the new license for TVN7 ”- wrote. It is possible that the legal uncertainties surrounding TVN7 will return.

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