Polish television lost more than PLN 100 million.  less than two

According to the subscription report Telewizja Polska’s total revenue, after accounting for the previous year, rose last year. From PLN 3.35 to PLN 3.84 billion. More than half of it is radio and television licensing fees and subscription compensation – as we analyzed in detail last year. 2.08 billion PLN in nominal terms, an increase of 40 thousand PLN more than last year.

Advertising and sponsorship display sales last year reached PLN 844.78 million, compared to PLN 844.97 million in 2021. Revenue from the sale of content rights also decreased slightly (from PLN 49.33 to PLN 48.71 million). while In 2018, the value of budgetary subsidies, which are mainly granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to channels intended for recipients outside Poland, increased from PLN 74.12 to PLN 258.49 million.

On the other side Revenue from other sources jumped from PLN 155.74 to PLN 570.15 million. For several years, Telewizja Polska, in anticipation of the subscription compensation awarded in April, has been using the issue of bonds, according to an agreement of seven years ago, which Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank can buy. A month ago, we reported that one of the series of debt securities, with a face value of PLN 350 million, was issued by the broadcaster at the end of last year. A year ago, at the turn of 2021 and 2022, he had not sold any bonds.

3.34 billion PLN for a public mission

Telewizja Polska’s net result on the execution of the general assignment deteriorated from a surplus of PLN 3.9 million to PLN 117.5 million in subtraction, Which was due to several factors. First of all, the broadcaster increased the total budget of the General Mission from PLN 2.97 to PLN 3.34 billion.

In addition, in conditions of high inflation, Treasury bills, which he received as subscription compensation, were sold at a higher discount. Last year they received PLN 184.5 million less than face value, while a year ago the difference was only PLN 17.4 million.

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The broadcaster’s revenues from activities identified as other activities increased slightly – from PLN 1.27 to PLN 1.3 billion. However, costs in this category increased from PLN 383.31 to PLN 500.74 million.

On the one hand, the fact that in 2021 the company paid PLN 11.18 million in income tax in its favour, last year it paid PLN 11.18 million. They benefited from a tax shield in the amount of PLN 38.47 million. Subsequently The lack of funds for missionary activities, understood as the sum of costs and investment expenses, amounted to PLN 117.5 million.

How much was last year Telewizja Polska net result from all activities? The broadcaster has not disclosed this yet, and the financial report will likely be due in the summer. while In 2020 and 2021, the surplus from executing the general task was identical to the currency representing the net profit of the entire company.

TVP1 has a budget of billions, not to mention sports on TVP2

TVP1’s general mission budget increased year on year from PLN 1.04 to PLN 1.07 billion (including broadcasting costs), But content spending fell from PLN 1.02 billion to PLN 978.3 million.

Sports content costs decreased from PLN 371.4 to PLN 339.7 million, in the case of sports content it increased from PLN 331 to PLN 351.2 million, entertainment – from PLN 137.1 to PLN 153.9 million, and journalistic content – from PLN 74.5 to 80 One million Polish zlotys.

In contrast, TVP2’s budget decreased from PLN 712.3 to PLN 601.5 million. Spending on entertainment decreased from PLN 298.2 to PLN 286.7 million, and sports content – from PLN 177.5 to PLN 58.3 million. On the other hand, PLN 179.7 million was allocated to content related to culture, compared to PLN 159.6 million in the previous year.

More about TVP Info, TVP Sport and the new stations

task expenses In TVP Info it increased from PLN 184.3 to PLN 224.1 million. Those related to information content increased from PLN 133 to PLN 161.3 million, and those related to journalism – from PLN 35.5 to PLN 42.6 million.

On the other hand, TVP Sport’s budget increased from PLN 141.5 million to PLN 193.8 million.

Spending on channels targeting foreign viewers also increased significantly. TVP Polonia’s budget increased from PLN 45.2 to 85.5 million, TVP World – from PLN 21.9 to 91.3 million, broadcasting from autumn 2021, TV Bielsat – from PLN 44.3 to 71.3 million, and TVP Wilno – from PLN 27 to 46.8 million.

The broadcaster has also spent a lot more on local stations that have been launched in recent years. TVP Woman broadcast costs starting in spring 2021 from PLN 17.6 to PLN 31.8 million, in the case of TVP Dokument there has been an increase from PLN 18.5 million to PLN 24.3 million, and it has been broadcast since October last year. Until December, TVP Nauka cost PLN 15.7 million.

Public mission spending decreased in TVP Kultura from PLN 85.1 to 76 million, in TVP Historia from PLN 54.2 to PLN 53.1 million, and in TVP ABC it increased from PLN 49.66 to PLN 50.21 million.

The costs of regional centers in this area last year amounted to PLN 436.29, compared to PLN 388.36 million in the previous year. Their biggest budgets:
– TVP3 Warszawa: annual increase from PLN 32.1 to PLN 36.8 million,
– TVP3 Kraków: from 33.6 PLN to 35 million PLN,
– TVP3 Katowice: from 29.2 to 34 million PLN,
– TVP3 Gdańsk: from 23.5 PLN to 32.3 million PLN,
– TVP3 Wrocław: from 24.7 to 28 million PLN,
– TVP3 Łódź: from 21.8 to 25.5 million PLN.

In a slightly different approach, also presented in Telewizja Polska’s subscription report, Costs for the public mission last year amounted to PLN 3.27 billion, compared to PLN 2.97 billion in 2021.

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