Unemployment rates have risen in Poland.  That's for sure, there is new data

The reading was 5.1%. It means it has been confirmed The first increase in the unemployment rate in a year. Previously, for six months (June to November), unemployment remained unchanged at 5.0%. In January 2023, the unemployment rate rose from 5.2%. In December 2022 to 5.5 percent. Unemployment rates then gradually decreased during the first half of the year.

The statistical tables published by the Central Bureau of Statistics show the following: Number of unemployed people registered in labor offices It reached 788.2 thousand in December. Compared to 773.4 thousand people a month ago.

This was also reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics In December, employers reported fewer job offers to employment agencies – 69.1 thousand compared to 78 thousand in November. This reflects the natural decline in labor demand at the end of the year.

As economists at PKO BP Bank emphasized in the morning report, growth Unemployment rates In December, 0.1 percentage points is a “normal seasonal phenomenon” that “does not indicate a change in a positive trend.”

“The unemployment rate in December rose from 5.0 to 5.1 percent. Such a change is similar to record seasonal fluctuations,” – this is how economists from the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) commented on the data of the Central Statistical Office on the X platform. “The number of long-term unemployed is on the rise.” Attrition, although this is partly related to demographics. However, the number of people having problems entering the labor market is increasing” – noted the experts.

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