How to spot fake news?

Fake news related to Quebec stars has become the rage on social media.

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These “click baits” sometimes use the name of credible media outlets to spread ridiculous misinformation.

Normand Brathwaite this week condemned the situation, which some web scammers have falsely reported in recent days, while other publications claimed the star host was broke or that he had made a fortune from bitcoins.

For cyber security expert Jacques Sauvé, awareness is the best solution against this type of fraud.

“You have to be suspicious, you always have to be skeptical. There's a lot of fraud, there's a lot of fraud everywhere,” he maintains.

Mr. Sauvé reminds us.

“I have a VAT app on my phone. There is a little bit of that important news, I have a notification on my phone. “If Normand Brathwaite had died, I think TVA would have known and we would have known about it,” says Trilogium's cybersecurity consultant.

Watch the video above to watch the full interview.

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