Frustrated by an audience member: Dave Chappelle ends his performance and leaves the stage

Comedian Dave Chappelle leaves the stage during Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.

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Dave Chappelle, 50, was playing the second night of a five-night run at the 7,000-seat venue when the incident happened Wednesday evening, according to the Miami Herald.

The “half-baked” actor scolded the audience and alerted security before leaving the stage, shaking his head in disappointment.

According to the Hard Rock Live website, the venue's policy is: “No electronic devices at the artist's request.”

This means that Mr. Anything used to record Chappelle's performance must remain out of sight for the duration of the performance.

Audiences are required to leave their electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches and cameras in yonder bags to prevent noisy guests from recording the show.

Mr. Chappelle hasn't spoken about the incident, but some fans have expressed frustration with the rude viewer's behavior.

“Few things make you more wrong than going to the theater. I saw Dave Chappelle at Hard Rock tonight and he (correctly) dropped the mic and walked off the stage. My favorite comedian, I was so excited when I first saw him,” lamented one fan at X.

“Someone pulled out #DaveChappelle's phone during his show at Hard Rock in Hollywood,” another angry fan wrote.

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