District 31: The actor who plays M Sebastien Durand bids farewell to his role

Stephen Cote Played the role of a criminal doing the profession, Sebastien Durand, Last, a few days ago. In fact, as End of series District 31 Coming soon, actors and actresses should say goodbye to their characters slowly …

I attended the District 31 shoot last Thursday. Let me tell you about the joy I played in this Master Durand !! A traitor, he should only appear in one episode, but here I am after a hundred episodes, and the joy of giving him a voice never fades. Thanks to Lucy Rapidail for introducing me to this, thanks to Luke Dion for always leaving his words very reasonable and intelligent, thanks to the teammates, and to the team that has maintained the hell pace in these 6 beautiful years. Thanks to Roxanne for being my lovely trainer before the filming, and thanks to Manon Clement for always knowing how to humanely handle what I did not get, and last but not least for your every word, your every smile on the networks or in real life was a great recognition and a great accomplice. We look forward to seeing all of you off season and your reactions to the end of this final season. Prepare your tissues “Can we read in the comedian’s face?

We look forward to seeing all of you off season and your reactions to the end of this final season. Prepare your tissues

The audience reacted to the comments and the news for Stephen Coat was absolutely touching!

Hello Stephen, I’m been watching the series a lot for some time. I like it so much! You are smart. Thanks for the fun “.

Tears come to my eyes when I read you! You were amazing Stephen. Well done “.

You are a great actor, I believed in your role as a lawyer. I hope you will find yourself in another great role elsewhere. Good sequel “.

Good continuation in your new projects, thank you Master Torrent for being a part of my daily life “.

Dear Stephen, You played wonderfully in a colorful character, that’s why you made them a hundred !!! Now I imagine that a grief begins for you and your series comrades! We’re waiting for the finale to know a little, and we’ll cry for sure “.

Having worked in the Ministry of Justice for 30 years, I can say that I was very diligent every day at 7pm! You can not leave us like this! If you open a law firm in Montreal, you will have great wealth! …. Thank you for the beautiful moments “.

These are just a few of the hundreds of messages full of love and admiration for the comedian and his character.

It’s fascinating how much we associate with fictional characters. After watching so many seasons of the home series, I feel like these characters are now a part of the family.

We will no doubt seek the advice of Stephen Coat and prepare our handkerchiefs for the finals. District 31.

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