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The guys from Blue Jeans Blue are back Kitty on topIt picks up exactly where they left off Perfecto And monster success Hat shirt. We dissected the album, which will be released on Friday, with Mathieu LaFontaine, better known as the singer with Rolled R Claude Cobra.

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Josie Lapointe

Josie Lapointe


Bacon belly, the purest of pure butter 100% pure butter, someone stuffed my sandwich : After reading the titles of 11 songs Kitty on top, we know we are at Bleu Jeans Bleu. And the texts certainly fit. If it’s not funny, then blue jeans are not blue? “It’s not written as a joke. But when it makes you laugh, you’re in the right place. When people laugh, it’s a bonus,” replied Mathieu LaFontaine. Their thing is “the little foot on the left or the right,” in words and music. Small edge”, he explains. In Smooth vanilla-vanilla twist For example, if the narrator, who is not very adventurous in the culinary arts, had only ordered a vanilla soft serve, there would have been no song. ” But twist Vanilla-vanilla, it’s so upside down! There, it’s thick enough for me to do it. »


The vicissitudes of everyday life seem to be a constant source of inspiration for the group. A steep end too Crazy carpet Friend D-Lewis. “Not sticking to one musical style in the band gives us a limitless playground. You can take inspiration from anything. The idea is to start from a real event and turn it into a fiction worthy of ending up in a song,” she dives in. Crazy carpet, it’s much bigger than what happened in life! It would have been flat, a small landing. “There’s something for everyone” is the beauty of the daily. And they’re more alike than you might think. It is for this reason that food is very much in the group’s universe. “It’s not used, I think!” says Mathieu, explaining that food, unity and colourfulness, is an excuse to talk about something else. fondue dinner, For example, say a couple who want to find each other despite the tiredness of the days. “The purpose of the blues is to entertain and feel good. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden underbelly. »


On the song Motorcycle license, a semi-retired man imagines rediscovering youth and freedom at the wheel of a motorcycle, carried by a chorus worthy of 1980s Bon Jovi. If the group wants to play with contradictions, they’re not shy about making music. Fits the bill perfectly. “The little rock beats, the believers sing along with the chorus… When it goes, it goes where you think it will go!” Inside Bacon Belly – a kind of extreme sport, Matthew practices himself – you can literally feel the atmosphere metal and oil bubbling. It’s not for nothing that this song opens the album a bit more rock than the previous one. “That’s one Report. We wanted to make it feel like we were knocking on the door and coming back. That’s one way of saying the blues are back. »

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Blue jeans are blue


Kitty on top Blue Jeans is Blue’s fourth album. But thanks to the success of its prototype, PerfectoWinning the Felix Award for Group of the Year 2019, this was the first time the group actually “waited”. “It’s exciting and we can’t wait to bring it to life program. Many songs have been composed in this sense. “We gave away an album funny to play We did 250 shows Together, our core is solid and it would be silly if it didn’t appear on the album. Their catchy refrains and endlessly repetitive phrases Jump in the swimming pool, so the songs are the raw material for the show. The group now has a panoply of them.


Bleu Jeans Bleu songs are rarely longer than three minutes — Hat shirt The top stopwatch lasts 2 minutes and 53 seconds. The team likes it when things get straight to the point, and Mathieu doesn’t see the need to stretch things out once he’s “hit the right spots”. “I love when someone finishes an album and chats and says I wish I had taken more! » The musicians broke a record Kitty on top, a reggae that lasts only 50 seconds… but gives the album its name! “Up Kitty, it’s a mindset. When it’s top kitty, it’s because you’re extra nice. And the blues, we try to create this level for the people who listen to us. »

Claude Cobra

In Leather Cocoa, Claude Cobra proudly “rocks” his “hair loss.” The matter is so personal to Matthew that it is his alter ego who rolls his r well and carries him. “It’s very convenient as a vessel to create and deliver shows. I like this duality. Every guy is different from his character on stage. This is Cold Must have this tool. What does he want for the album? “Pick up where we left off. We want to make a beautiful place for ourselves in the life of the world Perfecto. » Because a song that goes a long way is bigger than that to music himself. “When I learn it I spoil all of you dressed up Played at weddings as the first dance, I find it hot! When you’re writing, you never expect the tunes to have this effect, but when it does, hug, it’s beautiful. It gives meaning to what we do. That’s what I love about this album: everything is Top Kid. »

Kitty on top


Kitty on top

Blue jeans are blue

Delivered on Friday

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