Online fraud: 0,000 lost to fake influencers

Internet stars get rich without risking high consequences by promoting risky solutions, fraudulent contests or questionable investments. Without limits, some influencers turn out to be crooks, while others attract the ire of tax authorities, this file explains. magazine.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) is warning the public against fraudsters who have impersonated several influencers and stars online and stolen nearly $900,000 from their fans’ pockets.

“After searching our databases, the CAFC received 49 reports from 2020 through May 14, 2024,” said Jeff Horncastle, a spokesman for the Anti-Fraud Center.

CAFC notes that during this period, complainants lost at least $888,884.47 to such scams on the Internet.

“Note that the reports received indicate that the fraudsters are influencers. Unfortunately, we do not have any reports of influencers being targeted,” explains Horncastle.

False advertising

In recent months, the identities of several Quebec stars have been stolen online by fraudsters. In most cases, their names and faces were used in fraudulent ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Photo provided by AFPF

A popular presenter on behalf of many public figures who suffered from this deception.

Maripierre Morin and the Journal de Quebec

Fake ad featuring Norman Brathwaite on Facebook.

Facebook screenshot

“I would never have done it for myself, it’s to give a voice to the victims,” ​​the host said in March.

Former mayor of Quebec, Regis Labeaume, host Normand Brathwaite and Maripier Morin have been victims of these online fraudsters.

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