June 1, 2023


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Heavy Thunderstorms: The worst in Quebec and Fuse were avoided

The worst was yet to come, despite the possibility of a hurricane on the radar on Monday in Quebec and Puebla.

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In Saint-Lambert-de-Lawson, Saint-Narcissus, Saint-Bernard and Saint-Isidore, many citizens saw a funnel cloud, but the spiral did not touch the ground. The Latvian sector was also shaken by the storm, although the damage was relatively minor.

This hurricane was created by a citizen in Pius.

Photo courtesy

The hurricane was created by a citizen in Pius.

Elsewhere, between Lampton and Saint-Romain, near Grand Lock Saint-Franois, other citizens saw a funnel, but fortunately the catastrophic disaster did not happen. Some material damage is still reported.

Ships were damaged just like boats. “We are not far from the hurricane here, but no one was injured,” said one waterfront owner.


Plants and furniture have suffered a severe blow from wild nature. Cycles were observed, but without gravity or destruction.

Broken trees in the Lampton area, about twenty miles west of St. George.

Photo taken from Facebook

Broken trees in the Lampton area, about twenty miles west of St. George.

At 4:50 p.m., environmental Canadian meteorologists were monitoring heavy thunderstorms, which could create a hurricane. The map in dark red was large enough to raise some concerns over a large area.

A warning was sent to mobile devices, especially due to destructive winds, heavy hail and heavy rain. The warning urged people to seek refuge immediately.

The hurricane warning for the greater Quebec metropolitan area was lifted by Environment Canada at 5:46 p.m.

No hurricane has caused landslides in the Quebec city area.

Rather rare

About 80 hurricanes hit Canada a year, including six in Quebec. They cause an average of 2 deaths and 20 injuries per year. 2020 is operating slightly higher than usual.

Nearly 30 years ago, an F3 force devastated the village of Maskinonga in Mauritius. Nicknamed the “27 Seconds of Terror”, it is one of the most violent hurricanes in Quebec history.