From the relegation zone to the national team.  Is Fernando Santos surprised by his appointment?

WP SportoweFakty / Paweł Piotrowski / Pictured: Łukasz Zwoliński

Tomasz Galinsky

On March 17, Poland will be announced for the matches with the Czech Republic and Albania in the European Championship qualifiers. In the face of problems in a few positions in the group of appointees, there may be surprises.

last week We asked the experts who deal with the Polish LeagueWhich of the players may be of interest to train Fernando Santos in the context of the upcoming training camp of the Polish national team. The names of Bartosz Kapostka, Mike Norocki, Michal Skora, Radoslav Morawski are mentioned. However, there was no attacker.

This may not be surprising if you look at the current scoring table, where two foreigners are at the top: Jesus Imaz and Mikael Isaac.

Łukasz Zwoliński scored nine goals, along with several other players. Last Friday, he scored twice against Medi Legnica and once again gave Lechia Gdańsk a bunch of points. Without him, the Gdańsk team could have already prepared for the next season, but in the First League, and not in the Ekstraklasa.

Watch the video: The crisis of the “left”? That’s what Polish football lives for – from first ball # 33

I am ambitious and will strive to achieve high goals. This is not a dream about the top scorer’s title, but something real – Zvolenski told us after the match with Miedo.

And to the question of a possible date, he replied: – I don’t write any dates in the calendar, but my phone is on all the time.

It’s not an amazing number of goals. Nine of his nineteen league matches, and counting all competitions, it’s thirteen goals in 25 matches. Someone will say how can such a person be considered in the context of personnel? This is due to poverty.

Of course Robert Lewandowski has a stable position, but he’s been injured recently and it’s not entirely clear what form he’ll be in over the matches against the Czech Republic and Albania. Apart from him, Dawood Konaki is at a great disposition. This is the second Bundesliga star at the moment. Karol Świderski has just started the MLS season, Arkadiusz Milik is recovering from injury, and Krzysztof Piątek plays regularly in Serie A, but has problems scoring goals.

Next in line are Adrian Benedyczak and Bartosz Białek, or maybe Fernando Santos fan Oskar Zawada, who has already scored 12 A-League goals? We’ll know the answers to all the questions on Friday, when PZPN publishes the list of selected players.

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