February 1, 2023


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Matt Grant Wahl.  An American journalist fell during the Netherlands-Argentina match

Matt Grant Wahl. An American journalist fell during the Netherlands-Argentina match

American soccer journalist Grant Wahl died during the World Cup in Qatar. He collapsed during a match between Argentina and the Netherlands. A moment ago, he commented on his progress on Twitter. Wahl made headlines when he was detained by stadium security in Qatar for wearing a rainbow shirt in a match between the United States and Wales.

The journalist’s wife, Dr. Celine Gunder, an infectious disease epidemiologist who worked on US President Joe Biden’s coronavirus working group, confirmed her husband’s death in a statement posted on Twitter. “I am so grateful for the support Grant Wahl’s football family and many friends have reached out to us tonight. I am in complete shock,” she wrote.

He was commenting on a match in Qatar, collapsed, died

Grant Wahl was in the press box when he collapsed during overtime. Other journalists called for medical assistance.

Even during the match, Wahl commented on his progress on Twitter. “A stunningly designed goal for the Netherlands from a set-piece”, he referred to the second Dutch goal in stoppage time in the second half.

On Monday, the journalist wrote that he visited the hospital during his stay in Qatar. “I haven’t been exposed to Covid (I get tested here regularly) but I went to the medical clinic at a major media hub today and they said I probably had bronchitis,” he wrote on online platform Soupstack this week.

Details about the journalist’s death were not fully known when the news broke, and the US State Department did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

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Grant WallReuters/Grant Wahl via Twitter

Being held over a rainbow T-shirt

Wahl made headlines early in the tournament when he was stopped by field marshals Wearing a rainbow jersey for the USA vs Wales match. He said he wore the T-shirt as a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

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Grant Wahl, who was a CBS Sports correspondent and author of the popular Substack column, was 48 years old.

Main image source: Reuters/Grant Wahl via Twitter