Fantastic Foden, Paik De Bruyne.  He studied football at the Amex Stadium

The start of the match looked promising for Brighton. In the third minute, Danny Welbeck scored the lead goal, but the former Manchester United striker missed the shot and it ended in fear. The city started lazily, and the guests did not gain momentum until a quarter of an hour later. But once the “win” mode was turned on, there was nothing to collect. Today at the Amex Stadium we watched a terrible one-sided match. In short – some played, others knocked the ball out of the net.

For those who do not know, Manchester City wins each of its five matches until the end of the season and becomes the first club in the history of the competition to win the English Premier League title for the fourth time in a row. Today, Pep Guardiola's players have taken an important step in this direction. Although they are just behind Arsenal, they have one more game to play.

They have already played a training match at Brighton Stadium. And we are not exaggerating: the difference in quality, speed of movement and greed for the ball was striking. It didn't help the home side much either, as they tried to keep the ball away from the backline with maniacal insistence. Do we lose 0:2? Oh my God, let's play from the back, in front of some visiting players who were already standing in the Brighton penalty area. Nothing can happen. TRUE?


Well, hell, maybe. For example, Valentin Barco, who played one minute (!) in the Premier League and eleven minutes in the FA Cup before the match, receives the ball incorrectly and passes it to Bernardo Silva. Phil Foden lectures, and the Englishman celebrates the second goal a moment later.

The third goal was scored by the Brighton players themselves.

The hosts looked poor, always two steps behind, giving their opponents too much space and losing coverage. Thus, the goal was scored, making the score 0-1, as Jacob Moder failed to mark Kevin De Bruyne, and before that Foden was unable to reach the goal, but he found a corridor and passed the ball to the goal. Kyle Walker. The Belgian hit the spear beautifully and so the shooting began. Later, Foden scored for the first time, although the England representative was very lucky, because the ball after his free kick bounced off Pascal Gross's back and confused tackler Jason Steele.

The last goal was scored in the second half, which overall wasn't bad for De Zerbe's players. City players took their foot off the accelerator and Foden, De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva came out. However, the “Seagulls” were unable to pose any threat to the visitors, as Joao Pedro, the best player among the hosts on the scene today, was interrupted several times.

Moder played until the 56th minute. Will we remember this performance? Not real. He looked for the receiver several times, played close to De Bruyne, and tried to make Foden's game difficult. But like other Brighton players, he was too slow, too predictable, and unable to surprise Pep Guardiola's machine.

Let's check out the table of City players who theoretically have the championship in their hands. And maybe differently – everything is in their hands:

  • Nottingham (away)
  • wolves (dom)
  • Fulham (away)
  • Tottenham (away)
  • West Ham (Dom)

Aside from the last two opponents, we are talking about confrontations with the bottom of the table, so the beginning of this season at least seems easy. Let us add that a few days after the final round of the English Premier League, City players will play against their rival Manchester United in the FA Cup. Therefore, the Citizens can finish this season with two titles. But of course they can also be left with nothing.

Brighton – Manchester City 0:4 (0:3)

De Bruyne (17), Foden (26), 34, Alvarez (62).

More is coming:

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