The World Cup competitions have stopped.  Another serious accident, rescue helicopter in action

Just a day earlier, Alexis Pinturault scored the best result of his career on the same slope, placing ninth in the downhill. Little did he know then that one day later – everything indicated it – the season would end in dramatic circumstances.

The first predictions say About torn knee ligaments and broken wrists. There is no information about possible internal injuries at this time.

The 32-year-old continued his jump at the bottom of the road. He fell hard and started screaming in pain, which was the first sign of the seriousness of the situation. The athlete was immediately assisted by medical services at the facility.

Last week, Pinturault became a father. “Life can be a strong current”

A few minutes later, a helicopter appeared. The Frenchman was transferred to a hospital in Interlaken. He was conscious the entire time and rescuers were in constant contact with him.

– I hope he is fine. But it was a serious accident. Unfortunately, the situation does not look good. A helicopter is not a good sign – The victim’s citizen said in front of ZDF cameras: Cyprian Sarrazin. In the end, he turned out to be the winner of the competition. This is his third victory in the World Cup series.

It was a serious accident. Unfortunately, the situation does not look good. A helicopter is not a good sign.

~ Cyprian Sarrazin

Race on the legendary Lauberhorn route It resumed after a half-hour break.

last week Alexis and his wife Roman became parents for the first time. They welcomed a daughter, Olympia.

“Life can be a strong current. But if we follow the river, we can experience amazing moments“Some of them will bring peace and happiness,” they wrote on their Instagram profile.

The President of the Polish Figure Skating Federation evaluates the chances of Poles in the European Championship. Will they come back with a medal?/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

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