Francis: Reminding the Church is a sin.  I give you a mission: Make the church less masculine!

In his speech before the International Theological Commission, Pope Francis called for… the feminization of the Church. “Thank you for what you are doing. However, there is something I don’t like about you.” problem? There are not enough women.

His Holiness the Pope met with members of the committee on November 30. He had prepared a speech before the committee, but decided to deliver it spontaneously. He expressed his surprise at the small number of women on the committee. The full content of the informal speech was published on the Vatican website (Link here).

“Thank you for what you are doing. Theology, theological thinking, is very important. However, there is something I do not like about you; forgive the honesty. One, two, three, four women: poor women! They are lonely! Oh, sorry, five. And this needs To develop. Women have the ability to think theologically, which is different from us men. I have studied a lot of women’s theology. A good German woman, Hannah Barbara Girl, helped me with Guardini. I have studied this story. This woman’s theology was not that deep, “But it is beautiful and creative. In the next meeting with the nine cardinals, we will think about the women’s dimension of the Church.”

“One of the great sins we have committed is ‘reminding’ the Church. The Church is a woman. If we do not understand what a woman is, what a woman’s theology is, we will not understand the Church.”

He added that the problem will not be solved by the path to the priesthood of women. “It will be resolved in the mysterious way, the true way. Balthasar has thrown a lot of light on this matter for me: the Petrine principle and the Marian principle. This can be debated, but there are these two rules here. The Church of Mary is more important than the Church of St. Peter, because the Church is The bride, the church is female, not male.

“You ask me: What does this discussion lead to? Not just to tell you that there should be more women here – that is one thing – but to encourage reflection. The Church is the woman, the Church is the bride. This is the task I am asking you to do. Make the Church less masculine.” .



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