Donbass: Attack on Ukrainians in Makevka.  400 Russians died

A Ukrainian soldier in Bakhmut and a destroyed building in which reservists lived in Makievka. Illustrative photograph

Up to 400 Russian reservists were killed and another 300 wounded after a successful attack by Ukrainian forces on an enemy barracks in Makevka in Donbass, the Strategic Communications Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported. The bombing took place on the night of December 31 – January 1.

The Kyiv military command suggested that the enemy had shown great negligence by placing so many soldiers in one place and thus making them vulnerable to attack. The center’s message on Telegram read: “The reservists were transferred to the occupied Makeyevka and there they gathered in the building of a vocational school.”

The attack was to be carried out with the help of HIMARS missile artillery systems.

Residents report: the search for “traitors” has begun

– Local residents say that hundreds of occupiers were killed. Now the search for “traitors” has begun, – says a resident of Makievka in an interview with the Ukrainian portal Obozrevatel.

He added, “The Russians go from house to house looking for people (…) who revealed military sites. But what will he reveal? The whole city knew about this base. Maybe the enemy just needs a scapegoat.”

According to the accounts of residents and reservists, there were only problems. “Continuous screams, fights. And before the New Year, these soldiers pulled out all possible supplies of food and alcohol from the shops. The residents were outraged. You had to walk far to shop, which was difficult especially for the elderly.” The interlocutor informed the Ukrainian media.

Attack in Makevka. Russian commentators are outraged

Pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shary also writes about the deaths of hundreds of Russian reservists in Makeyevka. Commentators close to the Kremlin have also stressed that gathering so many soldiers into one building was a huge mistake.

“The Makeyevka case will be brief. For each such event, the names, surnames and positions of the responsible persons must be given. It is a criminal offense to treat an enemy like a fool who sees nothing after 10 months of war. Wherever possible, in ordinary buildings, And not in shelters, this is direct assistance to the enemy, ”the Russian journalist and member of the Moscow Council Andrei Medvedev wrote on Telegram on Sunday evening.

Reports of the deaths of several Russian soldiers in Makeyevka are indirectly confirmed by a report on Sunday by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army. On January 1, it was reported that up to 760 Russian servicemen had died on the front in the previous 24 hours.


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