Hungary.  An anti-vaccine pharmacist heard the verdict.  Guilty of "spreading information that spreads panic"

Gyoergy Goedeny described the anti-epidemic restrictions in his text as “viral propaganda,” and wrote about wearing a face mask that it was harmful to health. He described the steps taken to contain the epidemic as artificially inciting hysteria.

Goedena’s text posted on November 25, 2020 on his website as well as on the social network. On December 11, he was searched and detained.

A court in the northeastern Hungarian town of Nyregyhaza found him guilty of “spreading information that spreads panic”.

– Incorrect and unjustified statements of the defendant knowingly may mislead the population and create a state of mistrust in the people responsible for protecting against the epidemic, because he described their activities as viral acts – according to the assessment of the court.

The verdict is not final.

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