Fox 2, the great return of popular comedy

“Fuks” became a permanent part of Polish popular culture and became a cult comedy. It was this film that opened the door to a great career for Maciej Sture. Despite the passage of time, he is still remembered with great interest. Many people have been waiting for this story to continue, and finally – after 25 years – the legend returns. And in great style! On January 12, 2024, “Fuks 2” directed by Maciej Dutkiewicz will be shown in cinemas across Poland.

Sture: I was being insulted by Tomek Didek at the time

– Maciej Sture recalled years later.

– I also remember very well the first day on the set of the movie “Fuks”. At that time I was receiving abuse from Tomek Didek. I was so excited about this. This was the first time I had ever seen fake blood on my face, and my first time being in a stunt fight scene. The set of “Fuks 2” differs in many respects from the set of the first part of this film. But many things remained the same. “I can tell you this movie gives me a punch in the face,” Storr adds.

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Massage Store and Janusz Gagos

Dangerous gangsters, beautiful women, romantic men, dating apps, big money and the scam of the century, as well as daring action scenes, exciting plot, funny dialogues and surprising twists. All this can be expected from “Fuks 2”. This film will appeal not only to fans of the first part, but also to the younger generation who do not know what fortunes Alex Baginski had a quarter of a century ago.

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