June 8, 2023


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​Festiwal Filmowy w Cannes nie przyjmie rosyjskich delegacji, chyba, że zakończy się wojna w Ukrainie - Zespół Festiwalu poinformował we wtorek w komunikacie prasowym. "O ile wojna agresywna nie zakończy się w warunkach, które zadowolą naród ukraiński" - dodano.

Cannes Film Festival will not accept Russian delegations

The festival team announced in a press release Tuesday that the Cannes Film Festival will not accept Russian delegations unless the war in Ukraine ends. “As long as the war of aggression does not end in conditions that are satisfactory to the Ukrainian people,” he added.

The festival conveys “a special thought of the artists and professionals of Ukrainian cinema, as well as their families, whose lives are today under threat” – it was written.

The festival director also expressed his respect and congratulated the courage “to all those who risked protesting against Ukraine’s aggression and invasion of Russia. (…]Among them are artists and film professionals who have not ceased to fight the current regime and cannot be associated with these unacceptable actions and those who bomb Ukraine “

The 75th edition of the festival will take place from May 17-28.

The French media remember it Festival in Cannes, born “in resistance to fascist dictatorship and Nazism”It was scheduled to open on September 1, 1939 during the German invasion of Poland. At that time, its opening was canceled, which was carried out only in 1946.

“The Cannes Film Festival will always serve the artists and film professionals whose voices resound to denounce violence, oppression and injustice and defend peace and freedom,” the press release concluded.

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