A 'Succession' star is stuck at the Starbucks table.  He is known for his industrial work

The media caught on Tuesday morning when James Cromwell walked into a Starbucks in Manhattan with a bar of his hand on the counter. The actor protested the network charging plant milk more than regular milk. The star was accompanied by members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

James Cromwell is famous for his animal activism. In 1995, the actor was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Babe – Pig with Class”. Cromwell gains new popularity in the HBO series “Succession”where he plays Ewan, the older brother of billionaire and media mogul Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox).

Cromwell accused Starbucks, which allegedly supports inclusivity, of “discriminating against those who cannot consume dairy”. According to the representative, the network is asking customers to “pay more” for alternative products such as almond milk and oats. During the protest, Cromwell wore a T-shirt that read “Free the Animals.” “Save the planet. Save the cows. Stop subsidies to vegetarians,” a chant echoed. Cromwell then took his hand off the table – he was said to have helped himself… by ripping him off with a knife – to avoid being caught by the police, who arrived at the scene a few minutes later.

Earlier this year, the actor was under the supervision of a curator of protests against animal cruelty in Texas. He then told The Independent he intends to continue his activity for as long as possible.

“I can’t say I’m a revolutionary because that would mean total commitment. But I’m on the threshold and there will come a time when we need my voice again and my presence will matter,” he said.

“We respect our customers’ rights to express their opinions as long as it doesn’t disrupt our stores,” a Starbucks spokesperson told The Independent.

source: Independent.co.uk


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