Invisible War: The Unrecognizable Anna Mucha in Patrick Vega's Movie

40 million tickets sold in collaboration with the biggest stars in the industry. Among them – acting legends, outstanding debuts and amazing performances by foreign guests. In addition, the films that changed the sensational Polish cinema and participated in social images, which constantly changed the boundaries of box office recordings.

He was behind it all Patrick Vega Director and screenwriter. A rebellious, controversial and sonorous artist – never apathetic. Who was he before he grabbed the camera and introduced himself to the audience? What shaped him as a man and director? Where did the ideas he turned his hand into movies like “Pitbull”, “Botox” or “Mafia Women” come from? And what does getting into the Guinness Book of Records have to do with all this?

The director’s latest feature film provides answers to every question “hidden war”in which he played Patrick Vega, known for his performance with Quentin Tarantino himself, zurocha lift (“Once upon a time…in Hollywood”). On the other hand, his mother plays Anna Mucha (“Love, Sex and the Epidemic”).

Working on a movie set isn’t just the celebrity: the camera! Involved! Before that happens, actors spend a lot of time in makeup, sometimes a lot of time.

See what Rafai Zawercha, who plays Patrick Vega in “Invisible War”, looked like.

“This is not a document, memorial or glorification. It is a fast-paced story of the self, filled with truth, emotions and distinctive humour, revealing behind the scenes from the life and career of the most controversial director – Patrick Vega” – writes Kino wiat, film distributor “hidden war”.

“In his youth, he tried everything. He was a computer man and animator, a football player, an illegal software seller, a gang member, and even a drug dealer. However, he knew all along that his real goal was cinema – a passion that his grandfather instilled in him in His childhood. Never created before in Poland. The opportunity to realize his greatest dreams when Patrick Vega (Rafay Zawercha) gets acquainted through his work on television with the cruel world of Polish police and organized crime ”- reads the description of the film.

Over time, Patryk Vega achieved dizzying success, and his films and series became hits. However, fame and big money come at a price. Will Vega, exposed to the many temptations and pitfalls of show business, be able to detect the impending threat in time? This is the story of his rise and fall and his struggle for the soul.

Apart from Zawierucha and Mucha, they played in “Invisible War”: Justina Karowska (“Pitbull”), Ignasi Klim (“Kler”, “Wołyń”) Artur Dziormann (“Gods”, “Rogest”), Zbigniew Kozłowski (“Polityka”, “procedure”), Michel Karmovsky (“Episode”, “Women of the Mafia 2”), Peter Syros (“codename Poland”, “Suicide Room. Hejter”), Andre Francic (“Corpus Christi”, “Lynch”), Waldemar Maliszewski (“ring”, “pitbull”).

The film will be released in theaters on September 30, 2022.

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