March 28, 2023


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Former McDonald’s employee leaked. Yes you will get fresh fries – o2

I think everyone loves to have an unhealthy snack from time to time. French fries are best for a little hungry, and many McDonald’s consider them perfect. Thin, golden and crunchy – hard to resist.

Unfortunately, restaurants don’t always do the job and sometimes they release French fries that are no longer fresh. This happens when parts are prepared prematurely and cool while the customer is waiting. Cold potatoes become rubbery and simply tasteless. How do you avoid this disappointment?

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Cold fries at McDonald’s. How do you avoid it?

One way is to order the fries without salt. A fast food operator who receives such an order will have to fry a new batch because all pre-made French fries are usually over-salted. However, this method is stressful for employees.

Desi Joseph, the former McDonald’s employee who runs the popular TikTok channel, revealed that there is another way to be sure The fries we ordered would be fresh and hot. It is much easier, and at the same time it does not hinder the already difficult work of the people involved in order processing.

Asking for fries without salt is annoying. Just say you want fresh fries in oil. In 9 out of 10 cases, they already have fresh fries in the kitchen – explains the TikTok user.