A shift in e-commerce.  Layoffs are coming

The paper points out that the e-commerce industry has been growing like weed for many years, and in the midst of the pandemic it has accelerated further. Now, however, it’s also affected by the correction caused by the massive price increase, exacerbated by rising operating costs — from energy, through employee salaries, to a number of other burdens. This is accompanied by a slowdown in the market – indicates “Rzeczpospolita”.

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E-commerce is in trouble. The industry is facing inflation and is preparing layoffs

Analytical center Statista expects growth of less than 10% this year. With inflation still in the double digitswhich means that retailers have to cut costs further, and this, the daily notes, usually affects workers first.

As he added, Currently, we are dealing, first of all, with the return of the increase in sales in e-commerce to more or less those that were before the pandemicAnd secondly, there are a number of factors, such as inflation, the economic slowdown, or the increasing debt of the Poles, which limit consumption and severely guide expenditures. – In addition, companies are accompanied by uncertainty about the future, which translates into more caution also in generating costs – said Błaszkiewicz.

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