March 28, 2023


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Best Computer Science Universities in Canada

Can you think of a world without computers? Almost every digital technology is computerized. Technology is continually evolving, so there is an ongoing need for innovative computer scientists. If you are exploring the best destinations to pursue a degree in computer science, you need to consider one of the world-renowned universities in Canada.  

Canada is a popular destination for international students wishing to study computer science due to its affordable costs and multicultural environment. Most universities in the country offer some form of computer science course. However, figuring out the best computer science universities in Canada can be overwhelming.  

To help make your decision a bit easier, we have compiled a detailed guide of what to expect as well as a countdown of the top 7 universities for computer science in Canada.  

Why Study Computer Science in Canada?

  • Quality Education

Computer science universities in Canada are recognized worldwide for having one of the highest levels of education. Degrees obtained from the universities are recognized internationally because they prioritize hands-on experience, research, and dissertation.

  • Affordable

The tuition fees paid by international students in Canada are lower than for most universities in the United Kingdom or the United States. It is also cheap to live in Canada as a student because the cost of living is significantly lower than in other popular study destinations.

  • Stay After Graduation

Canada is the only western country that allows students to stay after graduating. This allows international students to work for any company across the country and to change jobs and places whenever they like.

  • Flexible Work Options

Many popular study destinations, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia allow students to work while studying. However, Canada has good and flexible work alternatives offered to international students.

  • Access to Essay Writing Help
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Top Specializations for Computer Science Students in Canada

Canadian universities offer a variety of specialties for Computer Science students. The courses are at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, as well as certificate and diploma levels. The most popular specialties available in leading universities are listed below.

Data Science

Businesses rely on data scientists to provide insights into strategic decision-making, such as streamlining procedures and increasing profits. As a result, data science has become a sought-after career path. The specialization provides data scientists with exceptional abilities that are in demand in healthcare, banking, technology, and every other sector.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most sought-after specialties because it allows computers to perform human skills, such as cognitive decision making, pattern recognition, voice recognition, and visual perception. With an MS degree in this specialty, the opportunities are endless, from industrial and residential automation, cutting-edge hospital devices, self-driving cars, to advanced control systems.

Machine Learning

This specialization would enable you to develop programmed algorithms that can predict based on data patterns. There’s a long list of fields that rely on algorithms to make educated guesses, such as politics, economics, business, healthcare, and society. The specialization is well-suited to students with expertise in data science and applied research.

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Cloud Computing

This specialty supports a wide range of services, such as cloud backup of images and emails. All major organizations rely on cloud computing to host all their data and operate apps. Cloud computing expertise is in demand as more consumers and businesses use the internet to store and manage data.

List of 7 Top Universities in Canada for Computer Science 2022

1. Toronto University

Since its establishment in 1827, this university has evolved into the leading learning institution in Canada, taking first place in different specialties and categories. Computer science is one of the departments that Toronto University excels in due to its modern technologies and several areas of specialty. As a graduate of this university, you are sure to be a true sought-after specialist in the field of computer science. If you are an international student, you will feel welcomed because the university actively promotes diversity.

2. University of British Columbia

This institution is one of the best universities in Canada for masters in computer science. Interestingly, the university allows you to choose a mixed major. You also receive honors for other programs that you might prefer, including software engineering. Other programs offered to computer science students include collaborative academics, distance education, and exchange programs.

3. University of Waterloo

This university is an excellent platform for students who want to further their work-based learning. The university is home to the Cheriton School of Computer Science, the largest group of researchers in computer science in Canada. There are many computer science courses for specialization at masters and PhD levels.  

4. McGill University

McGill University is one of the country’s best universities, so it is no surprise that its computer science program is ranked fourth on the list. The university ranks second in Canada for research findings, and has 10 computer science specialties with an option for paid work. The university’s location in Montreal is an advantage because the city is sixth on the QS best student cities ranking.

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5. University of Alberta

The department of computer science at the University of Alberta is one of the largest of its kind in Canada. The department is one of the oldest, offering courses and research opportunities in areas like robotics, artificial intelligence, computer games, and computer graphics. The university is credited for developing some of the fastest computers that are in use across the world. There are many lucrative opportunities, especially if you are a graduate or doctoral level student.

6. University of Montreal

As a student at the University of Montreal, everything you need will be provided, such as applied research and access to the latest technology. Graduates with a bachelors degree from this university go on to work in areas like image synthesis for animated films, mobile and wireless communication, robotics, and television. The programs are French-focused, so this might be the university of choice if you know French or are from France.

7. Simon Fraser University

The university has three main departments in the field of computer science: applied science, engineering science, and mechatronic systems engineering. The population of international students pursuing computer science is significantly high, reaching up to 20%. The university is also considered one of the cheapest in Canada. However, international students must have an IELTS score of 6.5 to be eligible for admission.