Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder: I will not cut off contacts with Vladimir Putin

Schroeder Believes There is no need for a discussion about Germany’s supply of arms to Ukraine. “Why should we focus on supplying arms? I don’t believe in military solutions. The war can only be ended through diplomatic negotiations. He said in an interview that the fate of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians can only be improved through a diplomatic solution.

Former Chancellor of Germany Went to Moscow in early March to do this Having a conversation with Putin about the war. Now comment on this step like this: “As far as I understood during our conversation, he is interested in a negotiated solution.” According to Schroeder All parties must contribute to preventing the escalation of the conflict.”

As he confirms, “We will not give up the opportunity to speak with Vladimir Putin.”

The former German chancellor has been around for months He was criticized for his activities in Russian energy companiesEspecially after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The leadership of his parent party, the Social Democratic Party, has already received “more than a dozen requests.” schroeder exclusion from assembly.”

On Thursday, the SPD district of Hannover will start Actions against Schroeder because of his “close contacts with Russian energy companies and the Kremlin.”. And as Schroeder emphasized, he is confident of the outcome.

Schroeder in May He resigned from his position at the Russian oil company Rosneft. And a little later, he announced that he had not accepted the position that had been offered to him “a long time ago” on the Supervisory Board of Gazprom.


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