The Russians attack Donbass.  They are trying to surround the Ukrainians

“There are no easy sections of the front in war. There are only the most difficult ones. Currently, it is Avdiivka. Here, the enemy is not giving up attempts to break our defense and encircle the city,” General Zaluzny wrote in a telegram. .

As he said, the Russian army uses assault units, sends a huge amount of equipment into battle, and uses aviation and artillery.

General Zaluzny, who visited the Avdeev sector, added that the Ukrainian defenders heroically repel these attacks, destroying enemy forces and equipment.

Russian attack on Avdiivka

Avdiyivka has been a bone in the Russians’ throat since 2014, because from here the Ukrainians can maintain fire control in occupied Donetsk. The enemy wants to seize Avdiivka because he believes that this city can be a bridgehead for our attack on Donetsk, as Ukrainian military expert Oleksiy Hetman pointed out in recent days.

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